Consignments have to be packed adequately

Package in a consignment must show the exact weight, the airport of destination, consignment, and shipper?s name and address, MAWB number and HAWB number in case of consolidated shipment.


Via Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sharjah, Karachi, Dubai, Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Varanasi, Patna and Khasa, Abudhabi, Kualalumpur, Bangalore.

Language on Documents English.


Commercial consignments

3 Commercial Invoices showing: numbers of import license, country of origin, specific description of goods customs tariff numbers, CIF value (if no CIF prices in invoice: specification of the transportation charges must be attached otherwise Nepalese customs increase the dutiable invoice amount by 10%) or more depending upon the current regulations implemented by them.

Import license, required for all imports, except samples up to NPR 116.00 advertising material and gifts up to NPR 116.00, replacement goods gratuitously supplied. Only a small number of articles are falling under the open General License.

Certificate of origin required only if The goods arrive from places other than the country of origin. The country of origin cannot be identified by the goods themselves. The certificate must be signed by the shipper and visaed by the chamber of commerce or a Nepalese Consulate.

Packing list: for consignment consisting of more than 1 package.

Sample consignments
Without commercial value: pro forma invoice marked? NO COMMERCIAL VALUE?. The value of samples must be shown for customs purposes. The import of samples may be allowed by the customs authorities without an import license. if, The value does not exceed the amount as prescribed by customs.

The import is made by post parcel or by airfreight parcel and the importer is a registered manufacturer/exporter and produces evidence to this effect to the customs authorities at the time of clearance. However, the value of samples will depend upon the prevailing rules of customs.

With Commercial value 2.2.1. To facilities clearance, packages should be marked.

Description of samples Value and quantity of contents, Whether samples are to be paid for or are free.

Note: (Samples unfit for use or sale are duty-free provided they are marked?NO COMMERCIAL VALUE?. Valuable samples may be imported temporarily under bond or deposit depending upon the restrictions imposed by the customs from time to time.)

Gift Consignments

A statement by shipper certifying that the consigned to ?..(name of country), and giving contents and value. No import license is required, provided the goods originate from an Asian country and do not exceed a value of NPR 116.00

The goods originate from a European country and do not exceed a value NPR 116.00

Unaccompanied Baggage

4 detailed lists of contents and value.

Landing certificate to be obtained by a passenger upon arrival, signed by customs authorities at the port of landing valid for 2 months from date of issue, i.e. date of the passenger’s arrival: extension by 2 months for valid reasons. Baggage from? G? issued by customs airport of landing, to be completed by the passenger.