Courier services refer to the fast or quick door to door pickup and delivery services for goods and documents. It has been in implementation for a long time and is well known for its speed, security, tracking service, and specialization.

It is said to be started with having pigeons to deliver relevant documents — the first documented organized courier service dates to 2400 BC in Egypt.

 Since there were no extensive delivery networks in the past, different animals like camels, dogs, and horses were used to deliver mail and packages. Camels were used to carry letters to the destination in various countries like Australia and Egypt, which got gradually replaced with the implementation of railroads.

 Similarly, dogsleds in Alaska and Canada, and horses in western Europe were also taken as reliable sources for sending mail and packages which later got replaced with the introduction of the modern courier industry.

Envoyer has replaced in the reduction of transport expenses, transfer of risk and liabilities, fast delivery services. It provides excellent value for money and is reliable.

It helps you to deal directly with the computer by providing all shipping details. There is no more wasting time on the phone or waiting in long lines when you can easily automate the process and spend your time more productively.

When you use a postal office or national delivery company, you will likely experience expensive shipping and delivery prices. Courier services work on a flat-rate basis or use a price-per-mile rate, so you’re going to save significantly when you choose to use a courier over a traditional delivery method.

Carrier service is wholly insured, standard postal services are not guaranteed, but courier service take full care of goods and help you to deliver your products securely although you certainly won’t wish for destruction, you can at least be secure in the fact that a courier service will take responsibility and compensate you should your package incur any damage.

Take advantage of courier services and improve your customers’ satisfaction while saving yourself time and money. Courier service will always provide a faster, safer, and overall superior service than traditional delivery methods can.

Courier companies like DHL, Aramex, FedEx, Ups, Tnt, Apex, etc. are giving carrier services to the Nepalese customer around the various countries of the world.


Courier Service Provided By  Moonlight Freight Pvt. Ltd

Service: Door To Door Delivery
Transit Time: 4 – 6 Days (Depending on the destination)
Carrier: FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex, TNT & Other National Courier Company.